Giving Thanks

We take on important issues daily at Fig Tree Revolution. Today though some of us want to share with you what we are thankful for. Thanks for joining us on this journey. 

Chris Lahr

I am thankful for my kids and wife of twenty years. It is great to see my kids have their own convictions and taking a stand for justice in various ways.




Lee Schott

Beginning to find my voice into a new, broader mission to lead the church to make room for persons affected by incarceration, mental illness, addiction, sexual assault, domestic violence, sexism, racism, poverty and more. We are also thankful for our new puppy, a three-month old springer spaniel who came to live with us two weeks ago. What a delight.




Zach Oaster

I am thankful for the things that I know I take for granted every day without thinking: clean water, plentiful food, and air that doesn't burn my lungs. I'm thankful for the freedom and privilege to pursue the things that make me most impassioned, and the loved ones near me -- lovers and neighbors alike -- who make life full and at times even satisfying.

Anika Jones

I am thankful for relationships with people who care: care about our communities, the world, and who care about me. 










Katey Zeh

I'm thankful to be in community with people of faith committed to justice, kindness, and walking humbly with God. They challenge me, inspire me, and hold me up when I feel overwhelmed by the great needs of our world. 






Shalom agtarap

I am grateful for artists and poets who work out our collective grief on the canvas, screen, and page. 













Jason Redick

I am thankful that God isn't dependent on the institutional Church, but the Body of Christ for Love and Justice to be lived out. 








Steve Pavey

I am thankful for my “undocumented” friends & familia – Marco, Claudia, & Pedro & so, so many others – for your love and courage that has brought beauty & light into my life enabling me to see & love the humanity within others and myself. You are quite literally saving me & I am forever grateful!



Bill Mefford

I am so thankful for my sisters and brothers at Fig Tree Revolution who give voice to wild and impossible dreams. I am continually amazed at the writing and especially the way that the writing is lived out in the lives of my fellow Revolutionaries. And I am so thankful for you who engage with us; for dreaming new dreams, making new connections, and raising up new leaders. May the Fig Tree Revolution be a reality this holiday season. 


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