Don't Mourn, Organize, Organize, Organize: What Real Folks are Doing

By Cydni Alise Tillery

This short post was posted on Facebook shortly after the senate confirmed Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education by a tie-breaking vote. DeVos is the most uninformed and incompetent Cabinet appointee for any Cabinet position. Cydni post this on her Facebook page and it shows Cydni is moving beyond outrage into organizing! May we all do the same! Let us know what you are doing because Fig Tree would love to share it with others!

I'm fired up today y'all. I'm tired of feeling helpless at the hands of our elected officials. So here's what I'm gonna do, and I hope you'll join me.

We will continue to fight. We will protest. We will vote. We will even run for office ourselves if we have to. And we will show up at our PTA meetings and our school board meetings and our state legislature. And we will tell our teachers time after time that we support them and we love them and they are doing a great job. We will show up at our schools' plays and band concerts and sporting events. We will buy the gift wrap and the cookie dough and every other dad gum thing that our kids have to sell to maintain their current level of programs in schools. We will show up to volunteer at the school and monitor those ridiculous standardized test. We will remind our students often that they are valuable and that they are loved and that they have something to contribute.

Anyone else picturing me standing in front of a waving American flag with the national anthem playing in the background?

Cydni Tillery is an ordained pastor in the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church, where she has served churches since graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1998. Her husband Brantley is also an ordained United Methodist pastor, and they have three children. If she had spare time, she'd tell you what she does with it. Current obsessions include: peach slushes, the Oklahoma Sooners, and JUSTICE for all her educator friends and the students subjected to the subpar educational system in the state of Oklahoma.

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