by Alex Negrón


She dreamed a snake,

I saw Amerika’s mask fall off

Its disfigured face.

His tongue hisses

The body slithers

Venom courses through the veins

Of the Mississippi like the virus

From “Outbreak”


From state-to-state

His campaign became a fuselage for


“Let’s build a wall!”

“They steal, pillage and rape!”

“Let’s make Amerika great—



Will that wall finally satisfy

your savage thirst?

Grab a mirror.

The globe sees you at your worst.


Claims of a land that’s free.

It’s a nation that is advanced

in racial and gender inequality.

Oppression prevails for the sake

of Democracy.


Natives slaughtered and displaced.

Africans turned into perpetual slaves.

Latino/as scolded for seeking a better


When has Amerika ever been great?!

Perhaps it was when Jim Crow

thrived during its hey-day.


You threaten

Disregard the people’s concerns

You incarcerate and/or


You do this so that the 1%

can get a better tax break.


Hate me

call me every name

I still reject your racist

national anthem!

Never will be consumed

by Trump’s poisonous venom… 

Alex is a brother who is currently incarcerated. 

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