By Bill Mefford

Last week Michael Flynn’s lawyers asked for immunity in exchange for his testimony before Congress for any possible crimes he may have committed before he was nudged out of his position as National Security Advisor in the trump administration. He “resigned” because several weeks prior to his “resignation” he had lied to the Vice-President and other top White House officials about conversations he had with various contacts in the Russian government. Flynn had previously said he never discussed U.S. sanctions on Russia, though it became apparent that he had discussed that issue even while the campaign was still happening.

What makes this mess so blatantly hypocritical is that both Flynn and donald trump both repeatedly used the fact that some of Hillary Clinton’s aides had sought immunity as a way to declare that Secretary Clinton deserved to be “locked up.” “Lock her up” was a frequent chant at the trump campaign rallies and it was one that both trump and Flynn eagerly led.

But Michael Flynn has now asked for immunity and donald trump apparently agrees with him.

So, with donald trump now in favor of immunity for people who seem to be targets of enthusiastic inquisitions it got me thinking that perhaps there are other people for whom trump might be willing to advocate for.

Let’s start with undocumented people. If donald trump is really concerned with people who are the targets of a “witch hunt” then he will certainly be a champion for undocumented immigrants. The gloves have come off of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because of the fear-mongering rhetoric flowing daily from then-candidate trump and now the resident of the Oval Office. Just a few weeks ago ICE waited across the street from a church for a group of Latino men to leave a hypothermia shelter, and once they crossed the street they detained all of them even though only one of them was undocumented. Yes, racial profiling is definitely part of the "witch hunt" focused on immigrants nowadays.

There have been many other stories since donald trump took office about undocumented people who present absolutely no threat to local communities or this nation; indeed, these are people who have more patriotism than most of us combined. But yet, they are being detained while they take their kids to school or on their way to work. This makes absolutely no sense.

Even more, immigrants, regardless of their documentation have increasingly been the victims of hate crimes since America started being “great again.” Those with hearts filled with hatred of anyone who does not look like the “America-first” nation of fifty years ago when whites were unquestioningly the dominant culture are the targets of the current cultural “witch hunt.”

Or perhaps trump should champion the swelling numbers of people in prison; the total number rising over 2.3 million, which makes the United States the largest incarcerator in the world, even above Russia and China. Most of those who are in prison have been incarcerated because we sentence low-level drug offenders for extraordinarily long sentences. And we also sentence people of color to much longer sentences than white people even though far more white people use drugs than do people of color. This has been part of the War on Drugs since the early 70s; a nearly fifty year “witch hunt.”

So, since donald trump is now professing himself to be so concerned about ensuring immunity for those who are “victims” of “witch hunts” might we expect him to grant immunity to undocumented immigrants and to people of color who have been incarcerated for such long and unjust sentences?

Just so we know, immunity is a legal status wherein an individual cannot be held liable for a violation of the law. Considering the fact that many undocumented people come to the United States because they are fleeing violence or for economic opportunity (both of which are often caused at least in part by US policies), and that people of color are incarcerated for such long periods of time because once Jim Crow was gone, the US needed another social and legislative mechanism by which to crack down on the African American community, immunity for undocumented people and those who are incarcerated seems more than fitting. It is justice. Can the same be said for Michael Flynn?

And that is exactly why we all know even requesting that donald trump grant that which he seeks for his pals to those who it is actually most appropriate is a joke. There is no way in hell that donald trump will EVER grant immunity to those who truly deserve it and that is because he is as far away from justice as East is from the West. donald trump only wants immunity for those who look like donald trump and that is simply and solely because trump is racist.

Yes, immunity should be granted to those for whom it is meant. And that is most definitely not Michael Flynn. We know what kind of Executive we have from those he chooses to advocate for and from those who denies immunity from. donald trump is a racist elitist. And that is a shame.

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