What You Can Do to Stop trump's Religious Discrimination Executive Order

This week the President is expected to sign an executive order that uses religion as an excuse to permit discrimination. It will likely focus on LGBTQ people and women, but it will also affect those of minority faiths as well as non-theists. It even explicitly sanctions discrimination against people who have sex outside of marriage. Yep, the religious triumphalists have taken over the White House. 

The harm this Executive Order could cause to real people is hard to overstate. It authorizes discrimination in hiring, public services and benefits, healthcare, child placement services, education, and more. Among other things, it would allow:

  • Taxpayer-funded organizations to discriminate in hiring against people who they believe do not follow the organization’s religious teachings.
  • Taxpayer-funded child welfare agencies to refuse to provide homes to LGBTQ youth and refuse to place children in the homes of parents if doing so conflicts with their religious beliefs.
  • An employer—even a for-profit company—to deny insurance coverage to an employee for “women’s preventative services” if it has religious or moral objections.

Here are some things you can do: 

  • Sign this faith leader letter urging donald trump to reconsider signing such a harmful and discriminatory letter. 
  • Share this post! 
  • Here are some sample tweets:
    • Religious freedom is fundamental but @realDonaldTrump’s “religious freedom” EO that would enshrine discrimination is fundamentally wrong.
    • @realDonaldTrump: Don’t betray religious freedom to permit taxpayer-funded discrimination. No “religious freedom” EO.
    • @realDonaldTrump’s “religious freedom” EO would undermine key civil rights protections for #LGBTQ people, women, & more.
    • Trump’s rumored “religious freedom” EO is dangerous & puts millions at risk of taxpayer-funded discrimination.

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