My Letter to Mike Pompeo's Pastor

By Bill Mefford

I just read an article in which the pastor of Mike Pompeo wrote a letter to his congregation saying that Mike is opposed in his Senate confirmation to become Secretary of State by "enemies because of his faith." Mike Pompeo has made anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant statements and those of who oppose him do so, largely, out of our desire to be faithful to the gospel. Here is my letter to his pastor, Stan Van Den Berg. I urge you to write him as well at 

Hi Stan, 

In your letter to your church you said that Mr. Pompeo has "enemies because of his faith." That is a gross mischaracterization of those of us who oppose his confirmation. I am a Christian and I am deeply opposed to his confirmation  as Secretary of State and for his bigoted views towards Muslims, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ community. Whether he has faith in Christ has nothing to do with my opposition. 

We should be brothers in Christ. I am not an "enemy" of Mr. Pompeo simply because I rightly oppose his nomination and am doing it out of what I feel is faithfulness to Jesus. 

Perhaps you and your very large staff should spend more time discipling the members of your church who have bigoted and racist attitudes and not inaccurately casting blame towards others. 

Thanks for your consideration


Bill Mefford 

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