Time to Buddy Up!

By Pastor Snowflake

It is time to buddy up….because some days being a pastor does suck. Don’t get me wrong, it is an honor and a responsibility and a privilege but when the powers of your faith team (or denomination) are torn between protecting the infrastructure and doing justice in the world, its time to tag up with friends and family cause there is a storm on the horizon and things are getting ugly. 

If I unleash a mighty tirade and tell you the pain of my heart and drop a few f-bombs, will you still remember I’m a child of God? If I challenge the way our denomination does justice, loves kindness and walks humbly with God, will you listen to understand and not condemn me? If I demand that you offer welcome to the stranger and the sinner and confess that I’m a sinner too, will you keep the coffee warm and put out fresh baked cookies? Can I trust you to be my partner in faith and pilgrim on the way? 

Remember your baptism and be grateful for the life and mercy of Jesus. Remember that he sat in the upper room and broke bread and drank wine. Remember he washed the feet of those who gathered and loved with an overflowing love! Remember he touched and was touched and turned tables and said, ‘take care of my mother’. Remember him and the way he buddied up with the empty and the irritating men and women who were following the best they could.  Remember.

The Church is not the Titanic, (although sometimes it feels that way). The Church is not Costco or Walmart or Target (although sometimes we treat it this way). The Church is not the prettified elite getting together behind locked doors (although sometimes we act this way). The church is the place where God’s people buddy up to carry the burdens that Christ carried and give thanks to a God who must occasionally mutter, ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ 

Thanks be to the ones who are willing to buddy up with a sinner and coffee-loving asshole! 

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