Election 2016

After the Election

By Mindy Johnson-Hicks

So much darkness

soul pain

the pus from years of rejection, race through my soul’s veins

the middle class celebrate

the power class has won

Medicare will be cut back

health care for the poor eliminated

a wall will keep the outsiders out

the gays will again be damned

women will again deserve to be raped

the gains of generations fall at the altar of the middle class’ wallet… again

37 years I labored, until my body fell victim to my desire for success

I sit now powerless in my soul darkness

knowing the weak must die and I am now the weak

knowing the work I accomplished only supported the system of sickness

under which I will now die in pain

The Reverend Dr. Mindy Johnson-Hicks completed advanced studies in Leadership and Biblical Preaching at Asbury Theological Seminary. Mindy’s dissertation established that a correlation exists between effective spiritual formation practice and dynamic emotional wellbeing, answering a lifelong question following a childhood diagnosis of PTSD related to familial alcoholism and domestic violence. Rev. Dr. Johnson-Hicks is currently Executive Pastor to Redemptive Work, www.RedemptiveWork.org, where she has co-authored two books; ‘The Wealth of Poverty’ and ‘A Bias Toward Action’ now available on Amazon. Mindy lives a beautiful life in love with Jesus and with her wife, Amy. Her ministry credential resides in the fellowship of believers in the Church Within a Church, a Methodist related grass roots movement BEing community, faith and justice.

A Lament for My Daughter

A Lament for My Daughter

 I let you see my tears, even though you can't yet understand their source. I want you to see. I won't--can't--shelter you from my pain, from my fear for you. For all our babies. Today I feel my heart breaking open, wider and wider. Creating more excruciating pain, yes, but also creating exponentially more room within me for love. Love wins. I do not know how. But love wins.