Everyone will sit under their own vine
    and under their own fig tree,
and no one will make them afraid,
    for the Lord Almighty has spoken.

Micah 4:4

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In a world awash with weapons, enormous income disparities, and violence perpetrated against vulnerable people designed to uphold an unjust economic and political status quo, God promises a future where those ostracized will be brought in, the rich and powerful will serve the poor and forgotten, and safety and security will be experienced by ALL people. The Fig Tree Revolution is committed to remind us of these Kingdom dreams that exists now even in glimpses.

Institutional churches are faltering, dedicated primarily to their own survival. Evangelicals largely are no longer looking toward Kingdom dreams, preferring their own desperate grabs for power instead. This is now a time for new dreams, new connections, and new leaders; a new expression of what it is to be church. Fig Tree Revolution exists to prophetically speak to injustice both inside and outside the church. Fig Tree Revolution wants to change the world. Wanna join us? 

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The Organizer's Roundtable are a series of videos from Facebook live events where collective wisdom is shared for how we can build powerful movements to achieve real and concrete change with people directly impacted by injustice. Join us on Facebook to see when the next Organizer's Roundtable is happening!

Organizer's Roundtable: One Year of trumpism, Part 2

Organizer's Roundtable: One Year of trumpism (January 19, 2018)

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resources to resist

We strongly encourage you to check out the resources and websites below and USE the resources to address the harmful policies that will be coming out of the donald trump administration.

And remember, our best resources are each other so join the Fig Tree Revolution by signing up below to ensure the RESISTANCE grows!

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The fig tree revolution: unleashing local churches into the mission of justice

The locus of God's change and transformation in the world is through local groups of believers immersed in relationships among those directly impacted by injustice. This book is geared to help local churches to engage in the transformative and missional work of justice. Based on the first four chapters in Esther and drawn from real stories of real people creating real change, this book is perfect for small groups, Sunday school classes, student groups, or mission teams that want to be inspired and find practical steps to take to mobilize people in their local churches to participate in God's call to change the world.

 Photo: Steve Pavey  www.stevepavey.com

Photo: Steve Pavey www.stevepavey.com

it is crucial for immigrants to know their rights

With a trump administration likely to arrest, detain, and deport millions of immigrants it is crucial for immigrants to know their rights. The National Immigration Law Center has excellent resources you can download and hand out to folks that talk about what their rights are when encountering law enforcement, when they are victims of a raid, or even when participating in a demonstration. Please connect below and share these with immigrants in your community. 

 Photo: Steve Pavey   www.stevepavey.com

Photo: Steve Pavey www.stevepavey.com

stand with standing rock

Standing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) has created an excellent resource to stand with the people at Standing Rock and to understand this movement for protecting the land and resources and for understanding this specific movement within the larger context of settle colonialism. It contains ideas for short and immediate actions as well as longer and more intense actions. 

the revolution will be televised

The launch of the Fig Tree Revolution book!

Remembering Sandra Bland, featuring our own Kenya Cummings. These voices are among our greatest treasures of 2016. We hope you will hear them, believe them, and take their words to heart. 

When prosecutor and devout Christian Preston Shipp began teaching in a Nashville prison, he never thought he'd be the one to get schooled. But the friendship he forges with one young prisoner puts his faith in the justice system and in Jesus to the ultimate test. 

When just 16-years-old, Jasmine was forced to fend for herself when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) targeted her undocumented parents. Going to high school during the day and working at night, she couldn't make ends meet and suffered extreme poverty and oppressive loneliness. This is when the church stepped in.